Attics is the working title for a new collaboration with Doug LeCours. Inspired by VC Andrews’ seminal Young Adult novel Flowers in the Attic, this performance explores the figure of the queer recluse. The recluse is a figure marked by the idea of failure; they’re traditionally read as having withdrawn from the world because they’re unable to deal with its complexities.

Attics will ask how the confined world of the recluse can provide a blank template upon which personal utopia can be built. What are the drivers of the queer impulse to separate from the wider world? How can this separation be a powerful act of refusal of discourses that seek to circumscribe queer potential?

An early version of this piece was shown on May 2019 as part of HAIRandNAILS’ pop-up exhibition at 9 Herkimer Pl., Brooklyn, NY.